The Various Benefits To Verifying

1) Brighter Name Color (See FAQ For Commands)

2) Post & Access Various BDSM Themed Porn / Hentai Channels

3) Post & Access Our Member Nudity / Exhibitionist Channels

4) Unique Role That Shows People Can Trust You More 5) Protection From Being Kicked For Inactivity & Purges

6) Lessened Automod Restrictions & Rates 7) Access To Special Channels & Giveaways

Why Should I Verify?

It's the best way to show to people in the community you can be trusted. You get all the perks above and can sleep well knowing you are the coolest bean.

How Do I Verify?

1) Simply type -verify anywhere inside the server

2) Private channel will be created for you where you can supply proof of your age.

3) There will be example image of what you need to give. Your ID with a selfie containing our server/date/your username. If you are uncomfortable you can abort until later date. Verifying is optional overall though if you choose to not verify your experience will be limited for safety of the community.