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While forcing people to verify is ideal, it does pose problems with privacy and forcing someone to give their private documents over just to join a server (before you can even see how community and staff act IE: Can we even be trusted?) has never sit well with me, so we prefer people to have the choice. Therefore we have come to the middle ground where we only force people to verify if they intend post or access NSFW content themselves.

Why & The Various Benefits To Verifying

List of some of the NSFW channels you can access after verifying


Get exclusive name colors (For Verified Users Only)

Overall You Get

1) Brighter Name Color (See FAQ For Commands)

2) Post & Access Various BDSM Themed Porn / Hentai Channels

3) Post & Access Our Member Nudity / Exhibitionist Channels

4) Unique Role That Shows People Can Trust You More 5) Protection From Being Kicked For Inactivity & Purges

6) Lessened Automod Restrictions & Rates 7) Access To Special Channels & Giveaways

Why Should I Verify? It's the best way to show to people in the community you can be trusted. You get all the perks above and can sleep well knowing you are the coolest bean.

How Do I Verify?

Following the example above, please take (1/2) Images where you have selfie with our community name and your name. (2/2) Picture of a Photo ID matching your selfie's face.

If for some reason you do not have Photo ID for legit reasons (there are some but we won't list them). Contact Tempus, no promises though.