We have a Discord community that anyone is welcome to join, it is quite easy to sign up and create a Discord account. Discord is a real-time communication platform with voice chat, IM messaging and more. Discords are privately run communities; anyone can build a Discord community and invite their friends and grow it. Discord is a gaming-focused app but is much more than that. Think of Skype, AOL, Yahoo message, but with lot more people and live chatting! Majority of our members are on our Discord already!

Creating An Account

To create an account, you can either download the iPhone or Android application called "Discord" or sign up on your desktop, both take 30 seconds. To create discord account, you can head to https://discordapp.com/login and click Register at the bottom of the page indicated below.

The next step is to create fill out the account login, refer below

After this send the verification email and verify your email or you will be unable to join!

Joining Our Community

To join a Discord community you need an "Invite URL", below you will find an invite URL you can use to join our community.


(Copy and remove the (DELETE) between R and H before going the URL or it will not work)

You can then put this URL in your web browser you used to register online and it should add you to the community automatically, if not you can add it manually by doing the below

Still Stuck?!

If you are getting invite is invalid, double check you have verified your email